Good Game Empire – The Blacksmiths Alliance


Strange things are happening all across The Great Empire, as the great alliance metal had fallen into the deep, dark abyss of separation… When suddenly, a light shined from the darkness, brighter than that of a fallen star, three individuals appeared from the darkness, with a heart of courage and a fist of steel, these three brave warriors forged The Blacksmiths. For centuries, their location was unknown, and they we’re unheard of, but deep within the ruins of the ancient Cultist Mountains, the Blacksmiths had structured a kingdom, they forged the finest weapons and amours in all of the Empire, and the finest defenses the empire had ever seen. After years of solitude alone in the fiery kingdom, one brother had but the dream to obtain ethereal leadership, build foundations for the mightiest alliance known to mankind, but this could not be achieved in their current position; this is where our story ends, but our adventure begins.

A New Hope

The gallant trio of Blacksmiths set out in search far from their homelands in search of a new beginning. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; the brothers gathered what resources their militia could carry, and set out at the peak of dusk, The Blacksmiths traveled the tortured landscapes during the night, setting out to the horizon, using the stars to navigate them. The ruthless armies of the Blacksmiths savaged through villages, and pillaged towers during the late hours of the night, the defenseless foes were slaughtered on the spot, leaving trails of misery and fear in the hearts of the surviving villagers.

A thunderous screech was heard beyond the horizon, the echo struck fear into the soldiers of the Blacksmiths, the sound of a drake. The men pushed on in attempt to reach the Great Empire by the morning, If their bearings were precise, they were just hours from the border; But no one expected what was to come.

The clouds got darker, ash storms arose temporarily blinding anyone walking its path. The furious shouts of the drake got louder, and louder, the men pushed on into the heart of the storm. The ground shook, the storm silenced, the group came to a stop.  Red eyes emerged from the ash, the structure of a drake, hissing an ancient language unknown to man. The three brave warriors readied their swords, and readied their bows for the battle ahead.

The Drake emerged from the ash, time froze as the three brothers gazed into the beasts’ eyes, as fear shot through their arms and perforated all hope of survival. A Battle cry came from the oldest brother, as they charged into the blazing inferno that waited ahead of them. The drake began spewing fire charges, propelling fireballs directly at the attacking soldiers. The drake hissed and screamed with fury; burning thousands of Blacksmith soldiers as the remaining troops we’re progressively slaughtered. It was although there was no hope, but surrender was not an option, the valiant warriors fought on, only a few hundred Blacksmiths remained.

The Drake came to a halt, the sound of a violin in the distance, the men barely able to get back up onto their feet. The Drake no longer hostile faded back into the ash, leaving hundreds, if not thousands of Blacksmiths to burn. The survivors left with burns and scars to tell the tales of the day their legacy almost burnt to ashes. The music got closer, as a bright ethereal light shone from the darkness within the ash. The light got brighter and brighter, until finally a beautiful, elegant woman appeared from the ash. A gold trimmed Violin, perfect white dress and long and luscious blonde hair left the Blacksmiths with butterflies. The Woman introduced herself as Nunuki; The goddess of Music.

To Be Continued . . .